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This is how it started...

Alida Heilbron, founder and managing director of Island Communication Services, first started Island Communication Service in 1999, with the support of her partner, Bob Morgan. Alida was then still working as Administrator and Housing Coordinator for Saba University School of Medicine, a position she held since 1994.

When the mailbox grew from 15 customers in 1999 to close to 75 in 2003, the Heilbron household was overflowing with packages. Alida, mother of then two young girls was overwhelmed and a solution needed to be found. The idea to expand into a properly established business center for walk-in clientele was born. Alida prepared a business plan and in June 2003 ICS opened its door for the public. In March 2004, Alida resigned from Saba University to dedicate herself fully to her business.

Here we are now...

Today, ICS is a full fledged business center, offering a vast arrae of services. ICS will design and produce flyers and brochures, bind reports, laminate documents, type manuscripts and create personalized greeting cards. As the agent of UPS, Caribtrans, and St. Maarten based shipping companies, ICS is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to shipping of small packages and large cargo. Adding custom brokerage service, makes ICS truly your one stop shop!


An enticing item is the large catalog service. ICS will place orders with only a 85% down payment on a catalog in our rack or from a website. Alida, whose mother tongue is Dutch also offers translation services.

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